Male Hair Transplant

A hair transplant for men is a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss, an all-to-common situation for men as they age. As a man, you can wear hats, shave your head or learn to love your naturally receding hairline. Alternatively, you can call the best hair transplant doctor in Manhattan at Linkov Hair Surgery for a hair transplant for men, specifically. The cost of a hair transplant at this prestigious clinic is affordable and provides outstanding results. For a younger appearance and a boost in your self-esteem, call the top hair transplant surgeon in NYC. Get the best hair transplant for men in the Tri-State area.

Male Hair Transplant

What is a Men’s Hair Transplant?

If you’re looking for a solution to frustrating hair loss problems, welcome to Linkov Hair Surgery, New York’s best hair transplantation clinic. This hair loss center, headed by Dr. Gary Linkov and located in Manhattan, offers the most affordable and most successful hair loss treatments in the city, targeted to your particular needs and goals. In fact, Dr. Linkov himself has had hair loss issues that sparked his passion for treatments.

A men’s hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair is moved from one part of your head to another. When other hair loss treatments have failed, a men’s hair transplant may be a good option. Hair loss treatments for men have come a long way since hair plugs caused an unnatural look. Improvements in surgical procedures now lead to natural-looking hair.

Gradual hair loss happens to most men as part of the aging process, but some men experience more dramatic and noticeable hair loss than others. Baldness and efforts to cover it up with a cap, comb-over or toupee are often the brunt of jokes, which can make men self-conscious about lost hair. If you’re feeling less confident because of thinning hair or baldness, consult the top hair loss experts at Linkov Hair Surgery in New York City. Find out whether a men’s hair transplant is a good option for you.

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What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

Hair loss in women is somewhat different than what men experience. While male pattern hair loss tends to lead to a receding hairline and losing hair in specific patches, female pattern hair loss is usually characterized by subtle thinning all over the scalp. Common causes of hair loss in men include:

  • Heredity The most common cause of alopecia is androgenetic alopecia, which is a hereditary condition that occurs as part of the aging process. This condition includes male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss results in a receding hairline or a bald spot on top of the head.
  • Medical conditions A variety of diseases and other conditions can lead to hair loss in men, particularly alopecia areata, a condition in which the immune system attacks your hair follicles. Other common conditions that tend to cause hair loss include scalp ringworm, lupus, thyroid problems, diabetes and a vitamin D deficiency.
  • Medications Hair loss can be a side effect of several different medications, such as those used to treat cancer, high blood pressure, gout, depression and arthritis.
  • Stress Some men begin to lose their hair within a few months of experiencing significant stress.

Alopecia can be caused by a combination of factors. It may be temporary or permanent. For most men, the earlier baldness sets in, the more hair loss they experience over time. But the sooner you seek treatment for hair loss, the better your chances of alleviating your symptoms.

How Is a Hair Transplant for Men Accomplished?

Surgery for a hair transplant, male variety, also referred to as male hair restoration, is done in two steps:

  • Removing hair follicles from an area of the scalp that’s hair-bearing
  • Transplanting them to an area where hair is gone or is too thin

Follicular unit extraction or FUE For an FUE procedure, your NYC surgeon extracts hairs individually. Then the doctor makes tiny holes in the area where hair is needed and places the extracted hairs into these holes.

Follicular unit transplantation or FUT During a FUT, your Manhattan surgeon cuts a strip of skin that’s several inches long from the back of your head. Individual follicles are microscopically isolated and implanted into the area that needs hair.

Less common methods of hair transplantation include two procedures:

Tissue expansion In this procedure, your surgeon expands a section of hair-bearing scalp onto an area without hair.

Scalp reduction surgery This surgery is done by removing a piece of the scalp that’s bald and bringing together areas that still have hair.

You’re awake during a hair transplantation procedure, as local anesthesia numbs the surgical sites. You don’t feel any pain during this procedure. If a large area is being treated, you may have more than one procedure a few months apart. The best hair transplant for men varies from one man to the next. It’s determined by a top doctor experienced in the treatment of hair loss.

How Much Is a Hair Transplant for Men?

A male hair transplant cost is a concern for many. The cost of a hair transplant for men varies. Factors that affect your total cost include:

  • What type of hair transplant procedure you’re having
  • The number of hairs that need to be moved
  • The difficulty of the procedure
  • The experience of your surgeon
  • Cost of living in your area

If there aren’t top surgeons in your immediate area and you have to travel to obtain treatment from the best doctors in NYC, travel and accommodation costs are additional considerations. A hair transplant is considered a cosmetic procedure, so the male hair transplant cost usually isn’t covered by health insurance.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Men’s Hair Transplant?

To determine whether you’re a good candidate for a men’s hair transplant, your NYC doctor reviews several factors. Blood tests are sometimes done to determine whether you have underlying medical conditions that are contributing to your hair loss. Other factors considered include:

  1. Your overall health and whether you have a healthy immune system
  2. Whether you have a healthy scalp
  3. How much donor hair is available

Men of all ages may be considered good candidates for a hair transplant. It’s suitable for men who have permanent baldness, but it’s usually not considered a suitable form of treatment if the cause of your hair loss is alopecia areata.

What Results from a Hair Transplant for Men?

A hair transplant is a safe procedure when done by a skilled, experienced surgeon. After a hair transplant, male patients can expect several follow-up visits with the surgeon. Following surgery:

  • You should be able to return to work in 1-2 weeks
  • Your doctor removes your stitches after about 10 days, if FUT was performed
  • The transplanted hair falls out as the graft heals
  • Full results may not be visible for 12 months or longer

After a hair transplant procedure, hair growth once again happens naturally and your hair looks fuller, helping you feel better about yourself. You must have realistic expectations about the results of your procedure. A hair transplant greatly improves your appearance, but keep in mind that it won’t restore your hair to the way it looked in your adolescence, and you may experience further hair loss in your lifetime.

The results you get from hair transplant surgery depends on the expertise of the surgeon who performs the procedure. For the best outcome, choose the best surgeons in New York City. Contact Linkov Hair Surgery in Manhattan, where you can obtain treatment from the top transplant surgeons using the most up-to-date tools and techniques at the best price. Schedule a consultation today to find out the best hair loss treatment options for you.