Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in New York

Dr. Gary Linkov stands out as one of Manhattan’s best hair transplant surgeons and top hair restoration doctors. His practice focuses on both non-surgical approaches to stimulate hair growth as well as cutting-edge hair transplant methods, creating natural-looking hairlines and density.

Well-known as the best hair transplant surgeon in NYC and being among the top hair transplant doctors nationwide, Dr. Linkov specializes in FUT (strip harvesting) and FUE (using the versatile Trivellini FUE system). He also offers a minimally-invasive combination of treatments, including microneedling, minoxidil, Exosome, and laser therapies.

Dr. Linkov customizes each procedure to meet every patient’s unique needs and goals, paying close attention to factors such as hair texture, growth patterns, and the patient’s facial features, ensuring optimal recovery and outstanding results with minimal to no visible scarring.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in New York

What Is Dr. Gary Linkov’s Background?

Dr. Gary Linkov is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon based in New York City. His passion lies in helping patients feel confident about their appearance. With an exemplary background as a dual-Ivy League-educated surgeon and advanced art training in Italy, Dr. Linkov brings a unique combination of skill and talent to his practice.

He is renowned for several cutting-edge procedures, including the Elelyft™ lip lift, which he has pioneered and trained other surgeons worldwide. Additionally, Dr. Linkov performs complex nasal surgery for US war veterans and teaches rhinoplasty procedures to NYU head and neck surgery residents.

His expertise extends to hair restoration, where he has discussed state-of-the-art needleless PRP hair restoration on the Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Linkov is recognized as the best hair transplant doctor, esteemed by his peers, and ranked among the top three plastic surgeons in the United States for his expertise in reconstruction, body modification, patient care, and achieving natural-looking results, as highlighted by USA Today.

Why Choose Linkov Hair Surgery?

Linkov Hair Surgery, located in New York City, is a top-tier medical center specializing in precise hair loss diagnosis and effective treatments. Dr. Gary Linkov, one of the nation’s best hair transplant doctors, established Linkov Hair Surgery, motivated by his personal experience with hair loss. As a dedicated hair loss doctor, he provides compassionate care while delivering the highest quality hair treatments utilizing cutting-edge hair regrowth techniques and technologies. If you’re dealing with hair loss, contact Dr. Gary Linkov today for a consultation.

Patient Experience

Dr. Linkov’s commitment to honesty and thorough patient communication has earned him appreciation from patients who value his attentiveness and natural-looking results.

Amy K ★★★★★

Dr Linkov is the best! Would highly recommend!

Carolina F ★★★★★

Dr. Linkov is the best!!! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable!!! I recommend Dr. Linkov 100%.

Alex Inle ★★★★★

I love Dr. Gary Linkov he did a hair transplant recently and he made my dream come true if anyone need a hair transplant go to him the best ! No complains at all great experience!

Jay Feldman ★★★★★

Dr. Linkov is the next big name in plastics in NYC. He is extremely knowledgable and skillful. Whats most important, he really cares about his patients and always has their best interest. A++ highly recommend!

Racheal Toss ★★★★★

Finally dr Gary gives me the beautiful smile that have been searching for, he’s one of. The best doctor you could talk to, he’s a good listener and very patient, he will make you feel so comfortable, don’t hesitate I promise, you won’t have any regret.

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Hair Loss Treatments

With a robust background as an aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Linkov has honed a high level of artistry in hair restoration. His boutique practice focuses on achieving the most aesthetic, natural-looking results through an array of hair loss treatments, including:

If you’re interested in other hair loss treatments we offer or want to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today for a consultation.

Conditions that Cause Hair Loss

Dr. Linkov begins with a thorough medical history to understand your unique hair loss condition and symptoms before devising a tailored hair loss treatment plan. Often, hair loss stems from underlying medical conditions, such as:

If you think you may have other conditions causing your hair loss, contact Dr. Linnkov to find the best possible solution for your specific needs and learn how to stop hair loss effectively.

As a reputable hair transplant clinic in Manhattan, we prioritize providing an empathetic, efficient, and convenient patient experience. Whether you’re seeking the best hair transplant doctor in NYC or exploring non-surgical options for hair restoration, contact us today to discover the best doctor for your specific hair loss needs.

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Dr. Gary Linkov

Dr. Gary Linkov is an experienced Ivy League-educated hair transplant surgeon. Having suffered from hair loss himself, he treats his patients with compassion using a multi-disciplinary approach based on the latest hair regrowth methodologies and technologies.

He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, contributing to the field. Dr. Linkov’s expertise in hair transplant surgery has earned him recognition and made him a sought-after physician. He was featured on the Dr. Oz Show for his needleless PRP hair restoration procedure. USA Today ranks him among the top three plastic surgeons in the United States for reconstruction and natural-looking results.

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