Hairline Lowering

If you’re embarrassed by a high forehead and want to have a more proportioned face, hairline lowering surgery can create those balanced facial features for you. The best hair loss surgeons in New York City commonly perform hairline repair to assist people like you. Call Linkov Hair Surgery for forehead reduction surgery, where you can expect exceptional results with minimal scarring. Count on the experts for the best forehead reduction surgery and other hair loss treatments in New York City. In addition to hairline lowering procedures, they offer expert treatments like hair transplants and laser therapy for hair loss.

Hairline Lowering

What Is Hairline Lowering Surgery?

Hairline lowering, also known as forehead reduction, reduces the height of your forehead. The hairline lowering procedure is the most effective and efficient process for lowering your high hairline. Since this surgical procedure is more invasive than other hair transplant procedures, you should rely on a top surgeon in NYC with experience and expertise in hairline repair.

If there’s extra space between your eyebrows and hairline, forehead reduction surgery restores facial proportions to meet your aesthetic standards. The top surgeons in Manhattan for hairline lowering or forehead reduction surgery at Linkov Hair Surgery help you redesign your hairline and project the image you desire.

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What Are the Benefits of Forehead Reduction Surgery?

As a result of various diagnoses, both males and females of all races and ethnicities may experience a high hairline or large forehead. If you’re a woman whose hairline is receding or a person with a genetically large forehead, this surgery offers the opportunity to balance your facial proportions.

Hairline lowering or forehead reduction is a surgical procedure that results in a denser, even hairline. It also has a fast recovery time. Aside from the increased self-assurance about your appearance, other benefits of hairline lowering include:

  1. Bringing your facial features into better proportion, especially if you were born with a large forehead
  2. Removing excess skin on your forehead by reducing the length of your forehead in proportion to your eyebrows
  3. Restoring your natural hairline by bringing it forward
  4. Creating a more youthful appearance
  5. Helping you lose the self-consciousness about having a high forehead

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Hairline Surgery?

You’re a good candidate for hairline lowering and forehead reduction surgery as long as you’re in good health. Be proactively involved in finding a skilled specialist who’s experienced with your forehead procedure. The goal of hairline lowering, or forehead reduction surgery, is to effectively reposition your existing hair in relation to your hairline, forehead and facial features. You make a good candidate if:

  1. Your hairline is even across the length of your scalp.
  2. Your forehead skin has flexibility.
  3. You don’t have an M-shaped hairline with balding on either side of your head.
  4. Your hair is evenly spread across the top and back of your head.
  5. You have no history of previous hair loss.

This procedure doesn’t change the shape of your hairline. Rather, it moves the hairline forward. Depending on your type of hair loss, such as male or female pattern hair loss, you may need other specialized treatments. For example, if you have a personal history of progressive hair loss due to a number of conditions, there may be more options for you to consider.

How Is Forehead Reduction Surgery Performed?

Although this procedure is more complicated than hair transplantation, this surgery includes forehead shortening while advancing the hairline forward in one single step. The surgery usually takes a couple of hours. You’re given a calming twilight anesthetic so you’re calm but conscious. A local anesthetic delivers a pain-free procedure. Your highly trained and specialized Linkov Hair Surgery surgeon follows a number of steps that include:

  • Making a horizontal incision across the hairline
  • Pulling the skin of the scalp forward
  • Bringing the hairline forward
  • Suturing the incision closed

Your surgeon’s skilled stitching and your attentive aftercare allow the area to heal with minimal scarring. Once healed, the scar is hardly visible, if at all. The sutures are usually removed after one week.

What Can I Expect for Post-Operative Care Following Forehead Surgery?

By following your top surgeon’s post-op directions carefully, your recovery should last about two weeks. Self-care is an important part of post-operative care following this procedure. This means plenty of rest, fluids and nutritious food. Other ways to practice self-care during your recovery include:

  • Applying ice or a cold pack on any swelling or burning
  • Keeping your head elevated to keep swelling to a minimum
  • Taking prescribed medication for pain
  • Staying out of the sun
  • Steering clear of strenuous activities
  • Avoiding lifting heavy objects
  • Abstaining from smoking or drinking alcohol

You return to your NYC doctor after about a week for a follow-up visit. Once the surgeon’s examined your progress, you can ask about returning to your workplace, as well as any further instructions to assure your procedure is effective for the long run.

What Are Some Other Options for Getting the Desired Result?

This elective hairline repair surgery is focused solely on reducing the size of your forehead, thereby lowering your hairline. For people with uneven hairlines, M-shaped hairlines or other hair loss issues, there are alternate options for hair restoration treatments. Ask your Linkov Hair Surgery surgeon about alternatives. These medical professionals can suggest options that address your particular type of hair loss, such as:

It’s possible to have natural-looking hair by moving healthy hairs from one area of your head, like the back or sides, to a thinning or bald part of your head. Regardless of which procedure you choose, know that the appearance of bald spots or thinning can be improved with the help of the best hair restoration doctors in Manhattan.

Are Successful Hairline Transplant Surgeries Common?

People from all cultures, backgrounds and identities experience high success rates with hairline lowering surgeries at this top NYC hair loss clinic. Although the risks are minimal for this type of procedure, risks are reduced even more when you see an experienced hair transplant specialist. And the best surgeons in Manhattan have a proven track record.

The most successful forehead reduction surgery is completely natural. That’s the results you get at Linkov Hair Surgery. Rely on the best surgeons for the best price in all of New York City. Contact the expert team today to set up a consultation to redesign your hairline and create the facial proportions you’ve always wanted.