Eyebrow Transplant

The popularity of eyebrow transplants is growing as the eyebrow transplant cost becomes more affordable and the technology advancements make it safer and more effective. The top hair transplant surgeons in Manhattan at Linkov Hair Surgery provide exceptional service for all your hair loss and hair enhancement services at the best price in town. When you want an eyebrow transplant near me in NYC, call the best at Linkov Hair Surgery, where you also find a number of other hair loss solutions when and if you need them.

Eyebrow Transplant

How Does an Eyebrow Transplant Work?

When you want an eyebrow transplant, you have to undergo surgery, during which hair is moved from your scalp and moved to your face. The procedure typically takes 4-8 hours, depending on the density and complexity of the work. Both men and women seek eyebrow hair transplants for various reasons, including:

  • To improve your self esteem
  • To restore your eyebrow hair permanently
  • To grow eyebrow hair naturally
  • To take advantage of the latest hair restoration techniques

You may be frustrated by attempts to grow the eyebrow look you want. Eyebrow transplant surgery is the only way to achieve a result that’s both natural and permanent. You may have heard about the eyebrow transplant success of friends or celebrities. The procedure can work for you too.

Thousands of surgeries are done each year to help people restore or fill out lost or thinning eyebrow hair. In the New York City area, the best doctors are found at Linkov Hair Surgery. They assist you every step of the way for a professional eyebrow hair transplant in the Manhattan area.

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Why Do People Get an Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

There are many reasons to pursue an eyebrow hair transplant. And as the technology is refined and the eyebrow transplant cost is reduced, it’s become more popular than ever. In fact, in 2020, nearly 10,000 procedures were completed in the United States. The most common reasons to look at eyebrow transplant before and after pictures include:

Additionally, you may want to adjust or enhance the shape of your eyebrows. You and the surgeon design the type of eyebrow you want, both prior to and during the surgery. The best brow for you depends on the shape of your face. A top NYC doctor with experience with hair restoration, like Dr. Linkov, provides an aesthetic eye to your eyebrow design.

How Do I Know What Kind of Eyebrow Looks Best on My Face?

Because you chose to rely on the top hair loss treatment doctor in New York City, you receive expert guidance when seeking to improve your appearance with eyebrow transplant surgery. General guidelines for eyebrow transplants primarily depend on the shape of your face, such as:

  • For round face shapes — angled arches and longer ends
  • For oval shapes — well balanced, contoured brows
  • For heart shapes — soft, rounded arch
  • For square shapes — angled peaks
  • For oblong shapes — shorter brows
  • For diamond shapes — linear brows

You may come in with a specific look in mind or want to ask for suggestions. Your doctor works with you to design just the right brow. Occasionally, the surgeon may determine that a transplant is not the best course of treatment for you. Alternative procedures include:

Am I a Good Candidate for Eyebrow Transplant Surgery?

In addition to being in good general health, a variety of factors come into play for this important decision, including a number of medical conditions. A doctor experienced in the procedure helps you sort through them to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.

Untreated stress, including specific stressors like postpartum depression, often require treatment before you can continue with eyebrow enhancement surgery. Other common underlying conditions that may contribute to hair loss and require treatment before you undergo a transplant include:

What Can I Expect from an Eyebrow Transplant Procedure?

When you start the process of getting an eyebrow transplant, your top surgeon listens to your ideas and questions. This begins the all-important process of an expert pre-operative plan. That plan generally follows steps that include:

  • Determining the look you desire
  • Taking into account your medical history
  • Deciding the best donor areas
  • Determining the approximate number of grafts
  • Choosing the transplant method

While other transplant methods are available, the FUE is often preferred, as it makes no incisions, requires no stitches and takes less recovery time. For this process, the steps include:

  • Removing hairs one by one from the donor area, at the side or back of your scalp
  • Creating sites on the eyebrow area at the correct angle
  • Installing donor hairs one at a time

The eyebrow restoration process sometimes requires follow-up attention to achieve the desired results. This is normal. The eyebrow regrowth process should be permanent in 10 to 12 months. From then on, you have a natural looking pair of eyebrows to comb and style as you wish. Other methods to re-imagine your eyebrows, like microblading or tattoos, are often disappointing. Eyebrow transplants are the only method that give you a natural and permanent result.

What Does an Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

An eyebrow transplant cost generally is a flat fee. Other types of hair transplants usually are priced based on the number of grafts involved. And while an eyebrow transplant surgery requires fewer grafts, the delicacy of the operation requires specialized skills and a greater level of experience, which is why you need to rely on an experienced team with extensive experience.

Fortunately, you find the best cost when you look for eyebrow transplant near me in New York City. Receive the best price without sacrificing premium care and excellent results. Contact the highly qualified experts at Linkov Hair Surgery for permanent and natural-looking eyebrows.