Robotic Hair Restoration

You’ve found the best surgeon in the New York City area for hair loss treatment, but Dr. Gary Linkov doesn’t perform this procedure that claims to offer the surgical precision of a robot. Robotic hair restoration isn’t available through the hair transplant specialists at Linkov Hair Surgery. While you can find a decent robotic FUE hair transplant, look to the guidance of an experienced doctor with expertise in a wide range of procedures in Dr. Linkov. Keeping up with the latest technology is a top priority at Linkov Hair Surgery. Call today for a consultation.

Robotic Hair Restoration

What Is Robotic Hair Restoration?

Robotic hair restoration has the reputation of being a precise method of hair loss repair. In this method of restoration, a robotic arm is used to graft specific, detailed sections of your scalp, resulting in faster transplants with minimal scarring. This type of procedure is known for its accuracy. The sophisticated technology involved recalculates each follicle’s position, angle and parameters to yield the desired harvest of hair.

Many people choose this option as it’s 50 percent faster and lasts a lifetime. But Dr. Gary Linkov at Linkov Hair Surgery recommends against this procedure. To get a non-robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant in New York City, visit Linkov Hair Surgery in Manhattan. To see why Dr. Linkov doesn’t recommend this procedure, watch his video about robotic hair restoration.

What Are the Advantages of an ARTAS Hair Transplant?

Using advanced imaging and robotic precision, an ARTAS hair transplant may provide you with the natural-looking hair and volume you desire.

Using the most up-to-date artificially intelligent technology, ARTAS robotic hair transplants have become a desired option for people looking to transform their hairline and hair quality into their dream result. Just a few benefits of this hair transplant option include:

Permanent, natural-looking results

Everyone wants to avoid the old-school hair plug results by avoiding spaced-out, fake-looking placement of hair. An ARTAS hair transplant near me in Manhattan works with your natural hair to add volume to make sure the outcome looks natural.

What’s Involved in an ARTAS Hair Transplant Procedure?

Once you’ve decided to receive an ARTAS hair transplant, your first step is to consult with a NYC doctor to make sure you’re a good candidate. You’re made aware of any risks and you learn what to expect during the healing process. Even though the Linkov Hair Surgery team doesn’t off this procedure, they can review the ARTAS hair transplant costs and offer alternative treatments.

Insurance doesn’t cover hair transplants, so your final price is based on the type and scope of the transplant you want. Come prepared to your first meeting with any lingering questions you may have. The stages of most ARTAS hair transplants follow certain steps that include:

  1. Scalp examination A full examination of your scalp is performed to determine which areas should be treated and where new donor material will be placed
  2. Identification of follicles Hair follicles that need to be removed are identified. The ARTAS system calculates where and how the new follicles will go
  3. Extraction and transplant Your follicles are identified and removed as needed while a robotic arm reimplants healthy hair follicles from the donor area

Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Robotic FUE Hair Transplant?

If you’re experiencing male or female pattern hair loss, you may be a great candidate for this type of transplant. FUE robotic hair transplants can calculate patterns in hair loss and help predict their progression. Once patterns of baldness have been established over a long period of time, the algorithm may be able to predict the future progression of hair loss and correct it accordingly.

If you’re looking to change the shape of your hairline, this treatment may also work for you. ARTAS technology has the ability to straighten or soften a hairline, depending on the shape of your face and your desired outcome. Robotic FUE hair transplant cost depends on the area and complexity necessary to complete the procedure. Other factors that make you a good candidate for a FUE robotic hair transplant include:

  • Rapid hair loss This type of treatment treats rapid hair loss due to a number of different conditions, such as stress, a thyroid imbalance, a hormonal imbalance and autoimmune diseases.
  • Changing your hairline If you want to lower your receding hairline or just change the way your hair shapes your face, you may consider this type of transplant to provide you with your desired look.
  • Male pattern baldness Many who receive this type of transplant are men in their early 20s and 30s who’ve begun to lose their hair much too soon due to this genetic condition.
  • 25 or older If you receive a transplant too early, the algorithm of the ARTAS system may not be able to calculate for areas that had not yet shown signs of balding, so it’s recommended that you wait until that pattern asserts itself.

How Much Does an ARTAS Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of an ARTAS robotic hair transplant is usually more expensive than a regular hair transplant. Its cost is dependent on a few different factors, including:

  • The complexity of the area to be treated
  • The size of the donor area
  • Your overall health
  • The experience of the physician
  • The extent of the desired outcome

If you ask where to find an ARTAS hair transplant near me in the NYC area, you may find that Linkov Hair Surgery doesn’t offer it. But contact this practice for access to the best doctors, top surgeons and the highest quality care at the best price for all your other hair transplant needs.