Hair Loss Conditions

Sometimes, losing your hair can be confusing, especially if no one in your family is bald or has had other hair loss issues. If your hair loss isn’t genetic or due to outside interference like chemotherapy, then you may wonder what condition you have that’s causing hair loss. Look for answers with the best hair loss doctor in Manhattan at Linkov Hair Surgery. You’ll find definitive diagnoses and effective treatments for all types of hair loss conditions. Call today for a consultation and guidance.

Hair Loss Conditions

What Conditions Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss conditions vary widely. So you require testing and interviews with a highly specialized physician to determine what type of hair loss you’re undergoing. While losing your hair very often is a natural part of aging, heredity plays a big role in when, where and how your hair changes. And while men more often seek hair loss treatment, women also want hair loss treatments for all types of hair loss and thinning.

At Linkov Hair Surgery in New York City, a top doctor in the field of hair restoration first does a thorough medical history to learn your specific hair loss condition and symptoms before devising any type of hair loss treatment plan. Very often, the conditions that cause hair loss are medical, such as:

Vitamin D deficiency Lacking sufficient vitamin D leads to hair loss because it’s the nutrient that produces keratin, the main building block in hair, nails and skin

COVID-19 This virus can lead to temporary hair loss following a high fever

Diabetes Type 2 diabetes can lead to hair loss that ceases when you get your blood sugar is under control

Anemia This blood disorder causes hair loss due to a lack of nutrients, specifically iron

A hormonal imbalance This is common in both men and women, especially during life changes like puberty and menopause

An autoimmune disease This immune system disorder causes a specific type of hair loss called alopecia areata

Thyroid imbalance  In the form of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, a thyroid imbalance can lead to thinning hair that appears all over your scalp. It may also affect your beard and eyebrows

Polycystic ovary syndrome This disease occurs in your ovaries, producing an abundance of androgens. These male sex hormones are naturally found in women, but lead to hair loss and other symptoms when produced in abnormal quantities

Lupus  This disease often leads to widespread inflammation on your skin. It also can cause hair all over your body to thin and even fall out in clumps

Postpartum depression This hair loss is temporary, but it’s fairly common within the first year of giving birth. It’s related to the hormonal changes your body undergoes after childbirth

Stress Even though it isn’t a medical condition, stress can cause temporary hair loss that returns to normal when you reduce the stress, but it can lead to permanent changes in your hair growth if untreated

No matter what hair loss conditions you’re suffering from, the best doctor in NYC strives to find the best treatment for your specific needs. Contact Linkov Hair Surgery today for a consultation.

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