Hair Replacement Systems (Wigs)

If your hair loss is temporary from an illness or if you just don’t want to undergo a procedure to restore hair in bald spots, the best hair replacement systems may be ideal for you. Call Linkov Hair Surgery for men’s hair replacement systems and women’s hair replacement systems in the New York City area. Wigs and toupees don’t have to look fake when you rely on expert hair restoration specialists to design a custom hairpiece for you. And later, when your budget can handle it, you can always get a hair transplant or other form of hair restoration in its place.

Hair Replacement Systems (Wigs)

What Are Hair Replacement Systems?

Hair replacement systems are hairpieces, toupees or wigs that serve as an option for anyone who’s self-conscious about lost or thinning hair. A hair replacement system uses either synthetic or human hair, which is hand-woven onto a base. Tape or adhesive is used to attach the hair system to your head, and it’s blended in to make it undetectable.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical approach to camouflaging hair loss, consider the best hair replacement systems you can get through the best hair restoration doctors in New York City. After getting to know you, they make recommendations for the most effective treatment options to suit your needs. You’ll find the best doctors for hair loss in NYC at Linkov Hair Surgery.

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Who Can Benefit from a Hair Replacement System?

Hair loss has many different causes, but no matter what the cause, a hair replacement system can help make you less self-conscious about your looks. Although you’ll find many permanent hair loss treatment options at Linkov Hair Surgery, temporary hair replacement options like wigs and hairpieces provide exceptional cover.

Certain medical conditions cause hair loss. But once that condition is treated, your hair may grow back, meaning you may no longer need further treatments. In cases like these, you may benefit from men’s hair replacement systems or women’s hair replacement systems, especially if you have:

Being under extreme stress can wreak havoc with your body. In some people, stress triggers hair loss. Women sometimes experience hair loss because of hormonal changes from pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or postpartum depression. Hair replacement systems benefits people of all ages who have thinning hair or bald spots.

What Types of Hair Replacement Systems Are Available?

Hair replacement systems come in many different colors, shades, hues, lengths and styles. Some types of hair replacement systems differ based on the material that makes up the base. A combination of materials may be used. Examples of different types of base materials include:

  1. Mesh This type of system is typically composed of nylon or polyester, providing a lifelike appearance that helps to soften the hairline. It’s also lightweight and breathable
  2. Polymer Made of polyurethane or silicone, this extra thin material mimics the appearance of skin and is designed to create a look that’s undetectable, even when touched

Hair replacement systems vary widely in quality. Wigs that are one-size-fits-all are less expensive, but may only last a few months. You can customize your hair system to match your hair color, texture and curl or wave, providing a natural and virtually undetectable solution to the problem of hair loss. Custom-made hairpieces made of human hair can last several years and be virtually impossible to distinguish from your natural hair. The only drawback is that they may take several weeks to create.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Hair Replacement System?

The best hair replacement systems are designed to stay on your head for an extended period of time, usually from two to 12 months. Benefits to choosing a hair replacement system include:

  • Much lower cost than a hair transplant
  • Fitting that’s fast and easy
  • Convenience, since there’s no recovery period or downtime
  • Immediate results
  • A natural appearance, styled like your own hair
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Stays on for activities like showering and swimming without fear of falling off
  • Gives you a fast boost of confidence without the long-term commitment of using medication

Moderate-to-high quality hair replacement systems can be purchased for several hundred dollars, which is considerably less than surgery and other options for treating hair loss, including:

How Do I Take Care of a Hair Replacement System?

The best hair replacement systems are easy to care for. Taking proper care of your hair replacement system helps it last longer too. Steps a top doctor recommends to make your hair system last include:

  1. Avoid brushing your hair too hard or too often
  2. Don’t use hair care products that contain alcohol
  3. Don’t brush your hair when wet

Wash your hair once or twice a week and avoid shampooing too often or using harsh shampoos. Your hair replacement system isn’t getting oils from your scalp so washing too often can lead to dryness. A new hair replacement system may shed some hair in the first month, which isn’t usually a cause for concern. Use a lukewarm temperature when washing your hair.

Is a Hair Replacement System Right for Me?

A hair replacement system may be a good option for anyone experiencing hair loss and looking for a non-surgical option. Men’s hair replacement systems have come a long way since the days when toupees often looked unnatural. Today, they have a similar texture and shape to your own hair. Women’s hair replacement systems provide length, volume and thickness. They look natural and can be worn while exercising and participating in other activities.

There’s no reason to continue being self-conscious about hair loss when there are so many options for attaining a more youthful appearance. The sooner you address your hair loss situation, the less likely others notice a change from sparse hair to a fuller head of hair. Contact the experts at Linkov Hair Surgery to find out the best hair replacement system or hair restoration treatment for you.