Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Hair loss may damage your self-image and maybe even cost you professional and personal opportunities. A follicular unit transplantation is a surgical procedure to take healthy hair from one part of your body or scalp and transplant it as grafts in the area that needs it. The cost of an FUT hair transplant is reasonable, and the best place for a follicular unit transplantation in NYC is at Linkov Hair Surgery. Call Dr. Gary Linkov for an FUT transplant consultation.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

What Is an FUT Hair Transplant Procedure?

A follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a surgical hair restoration method in which an experienced hair loss doctor removes a piece of hair-bearing skin from the back of your scalp or another donor location. After dividing the skin into grafts, the next step of this hair transplant involves the transplant of the individual follicular grafts or units to the balding areas of your scalp.

Hair loss can have a distressing impact on your emotional and social life. It affects about 85 percent of the male population and 40 percent of the female population. An FUT procedure offers an alternative to traditional hair transplant techniques that provide unnatural hair growth results. It is a surgical procedure, though.

For the best results from a follicular unit transplantation in NYC, seek the most experienced surgeon. Visit Dr. Gary Linkov, a hair loss surgeon at Linkov Hair Surgery in Manhattan. He and his expert team maintain a state-of-the-art facility where they can address all types of hair loss by providing treatments for men and for women.

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What Are the Benefits of an FUT Hair Transplant?

If you suffer from premature baldness, an FUT hair transplant offers an effective way to restore your hairline. Refer to FUT hair transplant before and after photos for realistic expectations from the surgery. Reasons to consider an FUT include:

  1. Fast recovery time With a follicular unit transplantation, you enjoy a manageable recovery time of about 10 days. Your doctor prescribes pain medication for any discomfort around the donor area.
  2. A boost in self-esteem If your baldness bothers you or has made you self-conscious, an FUT hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution. An FUT can improve your loss of self-esteem, while easing any stress about your looks.
  3. A treatment for large bald areas For larger bald areas, an FUT is more effective and your plastic surgeon can cover the affected area in fewer sessions.

With follicular unit transplantation, you get permanent normal hair growth. The hair restoration professionals at NYC’s Linkov Hair Surgery use the most advanced equipment for all their hair loss treatments.

Am I a Candidate for a Follicular Unit Transplantation?

Before you can get a follicular unit transplantation, your doctor reviews various factors to determine your suitability for the procedure. Factors that make you a suitable candidate for an FUT hair transplant include:

  • Availability of enough hair on your head to use as grafts
  • Men with male pattern baldness at the temples or an M-shaped hairline
  • Women with female pattern hair loss
  • A high hair follicle density
  • Your hair color and skin color are similar between the donor and implant areas

At the state-of-the-art New York hair transplant clinic, Dr. Linkov leads an experienced hair restoration team that offers tailored treatments. These professionals assess your hairline to determine the best approach for an FUT hair transplant.

What’s Involved in the FUT Procedure?

Hair transplant techniques have advanced over the years, and a follicular unit transplantation is among the advanced techniques. The steps involved in this procedure include:

Preparation Your surgeon marks the donor area. To see the FUT hair transplant before and after, photographs are necessary. Since this is surgery, you need to refrain from smoking and certain medications before your appointment.

Procedure Your surgeon administers local anesthesia to your scalp to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Then the hair at your donor site is trimmed. The surgeon removes a marked strip of skin with healthy hair from an anesthetized area of your scalp at the back of your head.

Selection After the strip is removed, the surgeon places it under a microscope and selects individual hair follicle units. The surgical team cuts strips of skin with hair follicles to use as grafts.

Suturing The doctor sutures the donor area of your scalp and covers it with the surrounding hair.

Transplantation Your doctor makes tiny incisions into the implant area and then inserts the follicle grafts. The precision used in the transplantation provides a natural look and feel of hair.

Post-surgery After the procedure, your surgeon applies an antibiotic and bandages to your scalp to protect the treatment area and reduce the risk of infection.

The surgical team at the Manhattan-based hair restoration clinic takes you through every step of the procedure before the surgery. Another hair transplant procedure, a follicular unit extraction (FUE), is similar and often confused with a follicular unit transplantation. But they have notable differences. The factors that distinguish the two procedures include:

  • An FUE involves removing individual hair follicles directly from the donor area
  • An FUT hair transplant leaves more visible linear scars
  • An FUT involves removing a strip of skin from your scalp, from which the surgeon harvests individual hair follicles
  • An FUE leaves a scar resembling a small dot

What’s the Cost of an FUT Hair Transplant?

The average follicular unit transplantation cost depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The volume of hair follicles you need transplanted
  • The location of the practice
  • The experience of the surgeon
  • Extra costs, such as travel, accommodations and prescription drugs

The cost of an FUT hair transplant is an out-of-pocket expense, as most health insurance plans won’t cover it. An FUT falls under the cosmetic surgery umbrella unless you have an exceptional medical situation. If you’re looking for the best follicular unit transplantation specialists in NYC, contact Dr. Linkov at Linkov Hair Surgery.