Beard Transplant

To achieve your goal of sporting a full beard, whether you keep it well-groomed or let it grow wild, consult the top surgeons in the facial hair transplant field to get the best results. Beard hair transplants are the best way to restore facial hair for your beard, sideburns and mustache, if you’re suffering from scarring or a medical condition. In NYC, the top surgeons for a beard transplant, a mustache transplant and any other facial hair restoration procedures, can be found at Linkov Hair Surgery. Call them today for a great beard transplant cost and the most reliable beard transplant results in town.

Beard Transplant

What Are Beard Transplants?

You may want your beard and mustache to reflect your personal style. Not every man can grow the kind of hair he wants. A beard hair transplant is the only way to achieve a natural and permanent result. A beard transplant typically refers to the surgical process of moving hair from your head to your face. Once the procedure is over, you can expect to comb, shape and shave it like a natural beard. People seek out facial hair restoration for various reasons, including:

  • Restoring beard hair permanently
  • Improving self esteem
  • Providing a fuller beard, mustache, goatee or sideburns
  • Growing hair naturally
  • Taking advantage of the latest hair restoration techniques

In recent years, many successful celebrity hair transplants have gained the nation’s attention. Beard hair implants have come a long way in the last decade. And in New York City, you have access to the best doctors at Linkov Hair Surgery. Beard and mustache transplants in NYC have never been more accessible and reliable. Additionally, your beard transplant cost is more affordable than ever. There isn’t any reason to put off hair transplant surgery, no matter why you want to get it.

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Why Should I Get a Beard Hair Transplant?

The look and density of your facial hair depends almost entirely on what you inherit from your parents. Your genes carry your tendencies for most of your physical appearance, from your eye color to your bone density. Other contributing factors for thin or patchy beard hair include:

  1. Hormones
  2. Medical conditions
  3. Injuries and accidents
  4. Transgender transitions

A variety of issues impact the growth of the hair on your cheeks and chin. Any one of the above scenarios — or a combination of them — can create problems that may lead to:

  • Low hair density
  • Bald spaces in your facial hair
  • Scarring due to burns, injuries, acne or surgery

The majority of people who choose facial hair restoration are those with little facial hair or with spaces when they attempt to grow in their beards or sideburns. Whatever the reasons you may want to pursue a beard or mustache transplant, your Manhattan hair restoration specialist at Linkov Hair Surgery understands the complex issues you face.

What Kind of Beard Can I Get with Beard Hair Implants?

You can achieve just about any kind of facial hair you want when you rely on a top NYC surgeon. You may be inspired by the look of a certain athlete, actor or recording artist. Your beard design is often influenced by the shape of your jaw, mouth or nose. Common patterns include a:

  • Chinstrap-style beard
  • Lumberjack or wild beard
  • Handlebar mustache
  • Van dyke beard
  • Pencil mustache
  • Goatee
  • Beard with a bald or shaved head

The overall approach to deliver the beard transplant results you desire are similar for most of these beard and mustache styles. The number of grafts required for each look varies, however, depending on your:

  • Chosen design
  • Existing hair thickness and placement
  • Thickness of the donor hair

A hair restoration doctor takes in all of this information before determining a specific transplant approach for you. The approach and techniques used are chosen specifically for the different zones of your face that require more hair, including your:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Cheek
  • Jaw

The best surgeons in New York City help you understand the options available to you and how they work. This way, you can proceed confidently, knowing that your expectations are in alignment with what your beard transplant surgery can accomplish.

How Is a Beard Transplant Done?

At the start of your process, your top NYC surgeons listen to your wishes, goals, questions and concerns. This is an essential first step to proceed with an expert pre-operative diagnosis. The steps in the planning process that you and your doctor follow include:

  • Understanding the look you desire
  • Considering relevant medical history
  • Determining the best area for donor hair harvesting
  • Estimating the approximate graft count required for the transplant
  • Selecting which method to use for the procedure

The most preferred method in the industry today, which leaves minimal scarring, is the FUE method. It uses no stitches or incisions like those done in the FUT method. Steps in the FUE procedure include:

  • Individual hairs are removed from the back or side of your scalp.
  • Recipient sites are made in the beard area at an appropriate angle.
  • The harvested hairs are placed into the site one at a time.

This procedure allows your own hair to grow naturally for the look you require. Experienced hair restoration doctors take care during each step to give you the best possible facial hair transplant.

What’s the Best Way to Choose a Doctor for a Beard or Mustache Transplant?

The first priority is finding someone with experience in the type of surgery you require. When making inquiries, find out how frequently they perform the procedure you want. Next, be sure they have a track record of good results; read the reviews they’ve generated. Seek out recommendations from people like:

  • Friends and family who’ve had the procedure
  • Hairdressers and cosmetologists
  • Your family doctor

The practice of aesthetic surgery today is broken into many different specialties. When you’re considering a beard or mustache transplant, rely on a top doctor who’s board certified in that particular area. Many physicians in the field are members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). This organization uses rigorous standards for awarding membership. The AAFPRS offers a service to find highly qualified facial hair transplant surgeons where you live, such as the best surgeons at Manhattan’s Linkov Hair Surgery.