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Armando Ariza ★★★★★

I am 9 months status post FUE with Dr. Linkov. I cannot overemphasize how happy I am with the results. Above and beyond my expectations! My hair looks great, the hairline is so well done and natural looking, the density is just right... and I very frequently get compliments! If you are looking for hair restoration and you are considering Dr. Linkov's team, do not hesitate. Dr. Linkov and his team are AMAZING!!!

Bob Notto ★★★★★

It has been 6 months since my FUE procedure and I could not be happier with the results thus far. All in all the entire experience has far surpassed all expectations. I experienced relatively no discomfort throughout the procedure as well as days afterwards. I found that watching Dr. Linkov's very informative YouTube videos helped me in making all the necessary pre and post procedural preparations, as well as providing me with a realistic understanding of what to expect during and days after the procedure. As as result, overall I experienced little to no anxiety. His team of talented professionals are truly special, all uniquely skilled in providing me with only the very best care. Special thanks Dr. Linkov's office staff for their efficiency in handling all related clerical details. And of course special thanks toDr. Linkov's medical assistants Ruel, Gloria, Maria, and Christina for their caring presence and surgical expertise.

Kiel Davis ★★★★★

This IS the place to go for hair transplants in NYC. Dr. Linkov and Nurse Gloria ensured I was comfortable every step of the way, took time to explain to me what to expect, and were incredibly supportive along the way. They are true professionals, and my hair looks fantastic. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Steven Kreger ★★★★★

I was looking for a place to get a hair transplant in NYC and my friend recommended contacting Dr. Linkov. Working with him has been a truly remarkable experience for me and I am very happy with the final result. I now recommend him to others myself !

Ali Barlas ★★★★★

After following Dr. Linkov on YouTube and Instagram for over a year, I made the decision to undergo FUE Hair Transplantation at City Facial Plastics. I am beyond pleased with the results, however, I expected nothing less from this amazing surgeon and his talented, passionate, and enthusiastic team. I am currently 6mo post-op and results are truly gratifying. I highly recommend Dr. Gary Linkov to anyone who is in need of hair transplant, as this is a serious decision to make. With Dr. Linkov, you will get specialized one on one attention. He is truly a master at his craft.!

Met Aral ★★★★★

My experience with Dr. Gary Linkov is by far amazing! His credentials and work is what made me choose Dr.Linkov as the go to plastic surgeon. He listens and gives patients the honest realistic truth when it comes to results on any procedures. He lets his patients choose what’s best for them by giving them options to choose from. His team is amazing and all work together making sure their patients are all taken care of throughout the step. I’m by far happy with my results and will recommend Dr. Linkov to anyone who’s interested in getting facial plastic surgery.

Yara Foster ★★★★★

The Dr. performed a hair plugs of 2200 grafts approximately 10 months ago and it came out great. People notice how good my hair looks but no one can tell that I had a transplant unless I say something. The responses have been about how natural it looks including from my hair stylist. Dr. Linkov is very involved in a caring way, always approachable. His knowledge is extensive, an accomplished MD with impressive credentials and practices in NYC.

Rob James ★★★★★

Dr.Linkov and his amazing staff took care of me. It was a cozy family vibe when I went to get my Beard FUE procedure the staff made me feel at home. Any questions I had were answered, no question was too “Stupid” to ask. For my afro Latinos if you have coarse/curly hair like I do you came to the right professionals. They know what it takes to deal that style of hair; which I know was a major concern to me when browsing around for the right Doctor to commit to. I highly recommend City Facial Plastics.