With so many options available today to stop hair loss and nurture regrowth of healthy hair, you need to rely on the best doctor in New York City to guide your decisions. The top doctor at Linkov Hair Surgery in Manhattan has a wide range of experience and knowledge with the latest hair growth techniques, including nutraceuticals for hair loss. In addition to transplants, laser therapy and other advanced techniques, the top hair loss doctor in NYC promotes healthy hair with Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals when they’ll provide the results you’re seeking. Call today for a consultation.


What Are Nutraceuticals for Hair Loss?

A nutraceuticals definition is a term that combines nutrition and pharmaceuticals. The products are made to provide nutritional supplements in their natural forms, as well as for medicinal purposes. More and more people now prefer to use natural remedies for hair loss and other medical conditions.

The nutraceuticals definition covers a group of products in the form of food, herbal products, dietary supplements and medicine. Nutraceuticals for hair loss reduce the rapid pace of your hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

At the New York City office of Dr. Gary Linkov, the hair restoration specialist uses advanced approaches to hair loss treatments. By leveraging the latest hair treatment techniques, Linkov Hair Surgery has become the leading center for both hair loss treatments for men and for women in New York.

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Why Is Hair Loss Serious?

Premature hair loss may not seem like a big problem until it affects you. Hair is a big part of your personality and may at least partially define you. Male and female baldness or even hair thinning may lead to devastating psychological issues, especially for women. Common problems associated with thinning hair and baldness include:

  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Stigmas, as hair loss often is associated with old age
  • Anti-social personality disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Panic disorder

Your Manhattan hair restoration doctor is empathetic to your concerns. Following a thorough medical and family history, as well as blood tests to confirm the cause of your hair loss, the hair transplant surgeon works with you to devise a plan of treatment that suits your needs.

How Do Nutraceuticals Work for Hair Loss?

Nutraceuticals have emerged as a solution for the problem of hair loss in adults. A number of different brands have launched products in the market that claim to increase hair growth and thickness, which is why you need to rely on an expert in the field before trying any of these products. Your NYC doctor prefers Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals that offer such benefits as:

  • Helping with proper digestion
  • Helping your body absorb minerals and vitamins that promote better hair growth
  • Detoxifying cells
  • Providing multiple compounds, such as vitamins and minerals, amino acids, collagen, hyaluronic acid and organic kelp that promote hair health
  • Acting as antioxidants
  • Promoting anti-aging and anti-cancer properties
  • Enhancing biochemical processes in the body to stimulate good hair growth

Your New York Linkov Hair Surgery doctor helps you make the most appropriate decision regarding a hair growth treatment plan. Nutraceuticals for hair loss may also be used in conjunction with other hair restoration treatments to achieve maximum results.

Are Nutraceuticals for Hair Loss Safe?

The best nutraceuticals for hair loss are safe. The products incorporate a wide range of compounds that serve both nutritional and medicinal functions. Some steps to better ensure your safety if you choose nutraceuticals for hair loss treatment include:

  • Talking to a qualified hair restoration specialist before using any hair loss treatment product
  • Getting a diagnosis for your specific type of hair loss
  • Receiving expert recommendations for the best hair loss treatment option for you

If you choose an alternative medication for hair loss treatment, safety is a main concern for your doctor. At the same time, results vary depending on your diagnosis and how your body reacts to the nutraceuticals for renewed hair growth.

What Are the Benefits of Nutraceuticals for Hair Loss?

Hair growth from nutraceutical hair products is becoming a popular treatment for hair loss and a wide range of other medical conditions. When appropriate for your condition, the benefits can be wonderful as long as you maintain realistic expectations. Your doctor may recommend Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals because they:

  • Contain specific properties that stimulate hair growth, inhibit the presence of dihydrotestosterone and revitalize your scalp
  • Use an inside-out approach to health
  • May help with alopecia areata because of the ingredient curcumin, which boosts your immune system and stimulates hair growth
  • Promote hair growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia
  • Work seamlessly with other alternative hair loss treatments available
  • Impact different parts of your body positively, including your hair
  • Work in different ways to make your hair fuller and shinier
  • Promote faster hair growth
  • Help everyone with hair loss issues, including men and perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women
  • Are natural alternatives to other hair loss treatment medications — such as minoxidil, finasteride and spironolactone — with no side effects

While nutraceuticals for hair loss remain an innovative option for hair loss treatment, your NYC hair loss clinic is at the frontline in adopting the latest treatments. Top hair restoration specialists follow-up and continue to monitor your progress as you use the product to ensure your desired results.

What Are Other Hair Treatment Options in New York City?

Hair loss treatment has come a long way over the last few decades, and you now have multiple options besides nutraceuticals. During your consultation, your hair restoration specialist may discuss other hair loss treatment options, depending on your diagnosis, including:

Over the years, your top hair restoration doctor has treated clients from across the city and beyond, including a number of celebrities to create a reputation as the go-to hair restoration service in New York City. Contact your hair restoration professional at Linkov Hair Surgery to get treatment of a broad range of hair loss problems. The hair restoration doctor works closely with you to get an individualized hair restoration plan that suits your needs, including directions for effective hair growth using nutraceuticals.